His act was quite entertaining.  Mr. Tony Randall, of The Odd Couple fame, was our quest celebrity for the evening,
and Rusty's interaction with Mr. Randall was outstanding!

— Dottie Nemec
Assistant Manager; Summit Mall
THE FIRST DIMENSION - Close-Up Magic: $100 per hour
In the First Dimension the individual tables will witness magical effects right in front of their eyes.  Using common items such as cards, coins and rubber bands as well as objects borrowed from table members, Rusty will leave the seated spectators checking for trap doors in their table.  This type of magic is perfect as an entertaining addition to your trade show booth.
     Show Length: 2 hour minimum

THE SECOND DIMENSION - Platform Magic: $400
This 45 minute show is perfect for smaller venues with or without an elevated platform.  An ideal showcase for the Second Dimension would be a banquet room, dining hall, or auditorium.  In this show Rusty uses music, sound effects, his flair for comedy with great magic effects to develop a strong rapport with the audience.  This show could be described as a cross between magic and stand-up comedy.
     Show Length: 45 minutes

THE THIRD DIMENSION - Stage Magic: $1,000
In the Third Dimension Rusty is joined on stage by his lovely assistant.  With her help and a state of the art sound system, Rusty uses hot, current music to dazzle the audience with larger effects and grand illusions.
     Show Length: 60 minutes.

For quotes from many customers Rusty has performed for, click here.
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