“Rusty, your performance is charming.  
Your audiences clearly love you, and we will have you back.”

Max Maven
Entertainment Director; The Magic Castle; Hollywood, CA
Rusty Ammerman - Master Magician and Comedian - has accumulated over twenty-five years of performing experience.

He has entertained thousands of audiences in forty-three states and nine countries.

In addition to being the finest in live entertainment,  The Dimension of Illusion is a ZERO FRICTION PRESENTATION.  

• Rusty can perform . . . anywhere.
The Dimension of Illusion requires no special equipment or circumstances.  In other words . . . nothing needs to be provided by you.
• Rusty can set-up in thirty minutes and tear-down in fifteen.

There are completely different versions of The Dimension of Illusion appropriate for all events, ages, and budgets.

IT’S INCREDIBLY LOW PRICED - Rusty’s show provides a versatile, quality of entertainment that is unparalleled at such a reasonable cost.  
You will love the price, and your audience will love the show!
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Rusty Ammerman’s Dimension of Illusion
An Entertainment Experience Guaranteed to Make Your Event . . . Unforgettable.