“Rusty is an artistic gem.  The show is professional, well choreographed
and orchestrated and left me wanting more.”

— Soso Whaley
Circus Report
The SECOND Dimension:
This is the most popular show: the prefect mix of magic, comedy and music, with loads of audience participation.  This blend of entertainment is perfect for high school, middle school, and elementary students alike.  The audience doesn’t just watch the show; they experience it; they become an essential part of it.  The Second Dimension is a school favorite and very budget friendly.
Elementary Schools: 40-45 minute program - $300
Middle & High Schools: 40-45 minute program - $350;  1 Hour Program - $375

The THIRd Dimension:
This is nothing short of a full-blown illusion show.  In The Third Dimension Rusty brings along his lovely assistant to present a full sixty minutes of
jaw-dropping magic and sidesplitting comedy.  Since The Third Dimension uses very large illusions and theatrical effects, it can only be performed
in a gymnasium, an auditorium or other large venue - perfect for fundraisers.  This fantastic exhibition is geared toward high school and middle school students.
1 Hour Program - $750

For quotes from many of the schools where Rusty has performed, click here.
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