“Rusty’s magic show was fantastic!!!!  
Seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter made for an entertaining morning.”

— Julie Curry
Principal; Jefferson Elementary School; Norfolk, NE
I’m often asked, “How can I learn to do magic?”  The only way I can answer that is to remember how it happened for me.  As a kid, I would get magic sets for Christmas and birthdays.  Typically, each set would have a dozen or so tricks, but only one or two good ones.  These were the ones I would focus on, practicing and practicing, working on the moves and story to try to make it entertaining and amazing.

Of course, that would leave ten wasted tricks.

Therefore, to save you the trouble, I’ve decided to offer only the tricks that I think are good, amazing and entertaining.

Here’s what I've come up with . . . magic tricks that I actually learned as a kid.  These are (in my opinion) the best of all the magic sets I got.  These are the effects (that’s what we magicians call “magic tricks”) that really did “Fool my friends, and amaze my family”, thus giving me the confidence to continue in magic.

I’ve chosen to only offer - what I consider to be - the best manufactured tricks, not cheap knock-offs.  Most are made by Royal Magic, an established name in magic tricks.

If you would like one (or all) of them, it would be an excellent way to begin magic.  I will even email a video explaining the secret method, and working of the tricks.  It’s called a “de-gaff” in the business, and it - basically - teaches you the trick.
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magic tricks
Cost is $3 to $5
per trick plus shipping and handling.
Spiked Coin
Royal Cups
and Balls
Royal Ball
and Vase
E-Z Nickels
to Dimes
Click a photo for more information.