Fan-Ta-Stik (Hot Rod)
Paddle Magic Trick
Here's a little gem of close-up or strolling magic.

Effect:  The magician clearly shows a small plastic bar with six different colors on each side.  The magician then asks the spectator to select a number (1 through 6), which corresponds with one of the six colors on the Fan-Ta-Stik.  The spectator is asked to concentrate on their color, then magically-faster than their eyes can follow-the six colors on the rod change to their selected color.  In fact, the magician shows that their color is the only one seen on both sides of the bar.  But, just as quickly, the Fan-Ta-Stik is shown again, this time returned to its original state, with six different colors on both sides.
This is a wonderful, amazing effect that never fails to get a great reaction.  Now, to be totally honest, it does require a small bit of practice.  There is a little thinking involved, and you will have to learn a simple slight-of-hand maneuver called the “Paddle Move”.  I would say the average person with no magic experience could learn the patter and moves in about an hour.  Someone with any magic background at all, of course, will need much less time.  On a skill level of 1 through 5, I would give this one a solid 3.

The Fan-Ta-Stik itself is made of Plexiglas and covered with bright, light reflective adhesive.  It measures approximately 3/8" by 4 ½ " by 3/16" thick, and weighs less than 1 oz.

The Fan-Ta-Stik comes brand new, in its package, with everything you'll need to do the trick, including full instructions.

Perfect for someone beginning out in magic, but equally suited for a master magician.
To order, email me and tell me the trick(s) you want.  I'll send you a PayPal invoice, and then ship you the trick(s).

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Price: $3.00
Appropriate for ages: 10 and up
Video Demonstration:  Fan-Ta-Stik