Ball Vase Magic Trick
by Royal Magic, Inc.
Beautiful, Timeless magic . . . affordable and easy.

Although countless effects are possible, here's a simple one:  The magician introduces a brightly colored vase atop a pedestal.  He removes the lid to expose a contrasting colored ball.  The performer removes the ball places it in his pocket, and replaces the lid on the now empty vase.  With the wave of his hand, the clap of the audience's hands, the magician explains that the ball has vanished from his pocket and re-appeared in the vase.  He removes the lid to prove that the ball has made the magical flight back to its home.  Once again the lid is replace, the hand is waved the other way, the audience claps their hands backwards (?), and “Presto”, the lid is again removed to show the ball has vanished from the vase, to be shown back in the magician's pocket.

That routine is simple, and could be learned in a few minutes.  On a skill level of 1 through 5, I would rank this as 1.
However, as is the case with all magic, as the skill and talent of the performer increases, more techniques and “moves” can be added to the make the Ball Vase nothing short of amazing.  Imagine placing the ball in your hand, closing your fingers around the ball, and then place the lid on the empty vase.  Snap your fingers and open your closed fist to show that the ball is nowhere to be found.  You open the vase . . . AND THERE IT IS.

That, and so much more, is possible with practice.

The Royal Ball Vase measures approximately 3 3/4" by 1 ½" wide.  The ball is approximately 1" in diameter.  The whole trick weighs approximately 2 ounces.

The Royal Ball Vase comes brand new, in its box, with everything you'll need to do the trick, including full instructions.

Perfect for someone beginning out in magic, but equally suited for a master magician.

Don't be fooled by inferior imitations, this is a genuine Royal product; Chicago based makers of quality magic since 1937.

Price: $3.00
Appropriate for ages: 7 and up
Video Demonstration:  The Royal Ball Vase
To order, email me and tell me the trick(s) you want.  I'll send you a PayPal invoice, and then ship you the trick(s).

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