The Spiked Coin
by Royal Magic, Inc.
Magic that can be done . . . right out of the box.
If there is an easier, straight forward magic trick , , , I'm not aware of it.  The Spiked Coin is, I believe, the first trick I ever got.  My mom purchased it for me in 1974 (I was 6) at the Magic Store in Opryland U.S.A.  The pretty girl behind the counter showed me how to do the trick once, and I never forgot.  If I can - at age 6 - learn The Spiked Coin in a few minutes, imagine what you can do.

The trick goes like this:  The magician borrows a J.F.K. Half-Dollar (the trick comes with a token coin, just in case no one has a fifty-cent piece).  In fact, you can have the audience sign the coin with a Sharpie.  The magician then explains that, like big illusionists, he is going to perform the famous Impaled Assistant Illusion . . . this time using J.F.K. as the assistant.

The magician places the coin inside a small, cylindrical coin box (just big enough to hold the half-dollar), and secures the lid in place.  Next, he allows the spectator to examine eight, solid, plastic spikes.  (Footnote:  a trip to the hardware store, and you can use real metal nails instead of the plastic ones provided).

The magician then jams all eight spikes, one at a time, through the coin box.  The spikes are seen to go all the way through the container.  The coin must be perforated.  But, when all eight spikes are removed, the half-dollar, with the signature still in place, is shown to be completely intact.  

A nice little joke to use here is--when you remove the coin and show that their mark is present--to say, "And, is this indeed the coin you gave me just a few moments ago?"  When they reply, "Yes!" say, "And I thank you for giving it to me.", while you put it in your pocket.  You'll make fifty cents every time you do the trick.
The Royal Spiked Coin measures approximately 1 1/2" by 1 3/4" wide.  The spikes are approximately 2 3/4" in long.  The whole trick weighs approximately 2 ounces.

The Royal Spiked Coin comes brand new, in its box, with everything you'll need to do the trick, including full instructions.

Perfect for someone beginning out in magic, or as a conversation piece on your desk.  On a skill level of 1 through 5, I would rank this as a zero.  Seriously, it's that easy.

Price: $3.00
Appropriate for ages: 6 and up
Video Demonstration:  The Royal Spiked Coin 
To order, email me and tell me the trick(s) you want.  I'll send you a PayPal invoice, and then ship you the trick(s).

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