This is the infamous
Nickels to Dimes Transformation Magic Routine
by EZ-Magic
A classic of magic, this trick is solid, fool-proof magic at its finest.  This effect has stood the test of time.  Why?  Because it’s that good.  I don't care if you're David Copperfield, David Blane, or just doing tricks for your friends, this is GREAT MAGIC.

Here’s the effect:  The magician shows a stack of four nickels.  He then displays a very empty brass cap that just barley covers the stack of nickels. The magician explains that magic is a good way to double your money.  Instantly, or after a wave of a wand, the snap of fingers or magic words, the spectator can lift the cap off of the nickels to discover that they have magically changed into FOUR DIMES.  And, here's the killer, everything can be examined.  Your audience will never be able to detect the secret.  Other effects are possible as well.

This is a bona fide fool-er - and the best part is . . . IT'S SIMPLE TO DO.

This effect can be learned in minutes, and performed almost immediately.  On a skill level of 1 through 5, I would rank
this a 1.
This is a perfect trick for an introduction to the mysterious world of magic, regardless of age.  A five year old can do this as confidently as an adult, and the audience will be equally impressed.

The EZ-Magic Nickels to Dimes Trick measures approximately 3/8" tall, by 1" in diameter.  The whole trick weighs approximately 1 ounce.  

The EZ-Magic Nickels to Dimes Trick is brand new, in its box, and comes complete with the precision crafted brass cap, secret gimmick, and easy-to-follow instructions.  

You provide your own coins.

Price: $5.00
Appropriate for ages: 7 and up
Video Demonstration:  Nickels to Dimes
To order, email me and tell me the trick(s) you want.  I'll send you a PayPal invoice, and then ship you the trick(s).

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