Rusty Ammerman - Master Magician and Comedian - has accumulated over twenty-five years of performing experience. He has entertained thousands of audiences in forty-three states and nine countries. In addition to being the finest in live entertainment, The Dimension of Illusion is a ZERO FRICTION PRESENTATION.  

• Rusty can perform . . . anywhere. 

• The Dimension of Illusion requires no special equipment or circumstances. In other words . . . nothing needs to be provided by you. 

• Rusty can set-up in thirty minutes and tear-down in fifteen. 

There are completely different versions of The Dimension of Illusion appropriate for all events, ages, and budgets. 

IT’S INCREDIBLY LOW PRICED - Rusty’s show provides a versatile, quality of entertainment that is unparalleled at such a reasonable cost. You will love the price, and your audience will love the show!

“Rusty, your performance is charming. Your audiences clearly love you, and we will have you back.”


— Max Maven
Entertainment Director
The Magic Castle; Hollywood, CA


“You, sir, are a master of your wily craft. Mere inches from my suspicious eyes you deftly rocked the underpinnings of my senses with your dark and dexterous art and dazzled me into speechlessness. How dare you!”


— Jeffrey Combs
Horror / Sci-Fi icon from over 50 feature films and countless television works